Africa Diaspora in China Network

About Us

ADiC Net was formed on November 4, 2019 after the African union Diaspora dialogue themed “Leveraging your china experience to drive change in Africa” organized by AU-CIDO in Beijing. The network has successfully gathered people of African Descent all over China with the goal to contribute to the development of motherland Africa, identify issues relating to Africans in Diaspora and discuss probable solutions.
The aim for establishing China Diaspora network is for collaboration with the African Union and its intergovernmental council to ensure that identified projects by members of the African Diaspora in the China aligns with African development agenda. The objective of the working committee group is to build an African Diaspora Network in China with the provision of a consolidated work plan and a ratified constitution to be submitted to AU CIDO in Addis Ababa for purposes of registration and endorsement. A strategic plan was also created for guidance and accountability purposes. The Network was formed to answer the following questions and others:

1. What can we do to help build a bridge between motherland Africa and our countries of residence with a view to foster creation of, and enable environments which nurture creativity and intellectual growth on the African continent?

2. How can we use our skills and, especially networks, to foster leading lights on the continent to spearhead sustainable growth and improve the standard of living of our brothers and sisters in Africa?

3. How can we ensure that such efforts are strategically and equitably distributed to benefit the whole of Africa? Our united voices paint a picture of what we desire for ourselves, for future generations and the continent.
Barr. Justina Ajala President,

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These are members of the Council that makes up ADiC Net

African Diaspora Facts

With almost 350 million people, the African Diaspora is the THIRD COUNTRY in the world after China and India, but greater than The United States of America (323 million), Indonesia (258 million) and Brazil (205 million


We plan and prepare some innovative and entrepreneurship forums, workshops, seminars in line with the AU agendas to promote and embrace entrepreneurship among the youths

Skill Acquisition

Proactively create opportunities for informal/formal training of Africans (Skill Acquisition)

Investment Opportunities

Explore business, potential investment opportunities in China and other Africa countries

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